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luminous_insect in the_aleotory

Sally Cruikshank

Hello, anyone who has become part of this blog. this is me trying to inject some life into it, or maybe experiencing an individual in love with life for my first time again. Sally Cruikshank was an animator active in the 70s-80s whose imagination runs from the hallucinotory edges of objects into whimsical expansion and distortion. Her oeuvre spans beyond talent and skill and into the pure realm of the visual cortex's pattern completions. Her work is pure unbounded imagination, constricted and distilled through the process of animating frame by frame. Here are selections of her work, as well as an interview:

"Face Like a Frog"

"Make Me Psychic"

"Quasi At the Quackadero"



"Face Like a Frog" is INCREDIBLE.
I've been looking for some artful, inspired cartoons. And with Danny Elfman, you can't go wrong!