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luminous_insect in the_aleotory

Mark Powell

Halloween is coming up, so I give you this astonishing and astonishingly grisly artist. Even if you don't go all caca like I do for eyeless deformed horrors of the Lovecraftian dimensions (ala Beksinski) you will certainly appreciate the obsessive amount of detail that went into these works. He constructs miniature environments so intensely as to be completely immersive, to look like sculptural windows into hell. Powell doesn't title these pieces, and his website, myspace, and flickr account are sparse on information, so here's a smattering (ew) of images of his miniature environments with my inane attempts at an explanation:

A bioplastic musical assembly:

Food for the family:


Organ Selection:

O! Blessed Domesticity!:


i've been meaning to come back to this and comment on how precious and utterly revolting it is.