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lunarius in the_aleotory

2 things:


kris kuksi

not only does the man draw and paint like some kind of psilocybe angel...

...he also makes incredibly detailed macabre sculptures that i could probably spend a lifetime looking at:

i have tremendous respect for artists who can function both in the 2-d and 3-d spheres, and kuksi does it most magnificently.

he describes his sculptural works as "...wonderfully intricate constructions of pop culture effluvia like plastic model kits, injection molded toys, dolls, plastic skulls, knick-knack figurines, miniature fencing, toy animals, mechanical parts and ornate frames or furniture parts; assembled into grotesque tableaux that look a bit like an explosion in Hieronymus Bosch’s attic."

well how fortunate me...i've always wanted to dig around Bosch's attic.


this isn't quite as exciting, but both luminous_insect and i have started tumblr accounts (which is essentially a way to hoard interesting images/etc from the web without stealing others' bandwidth.) there's quite a growing collection of curious things on there, and might be worthy of investigation.

if you're so inclined -




These pictures and sculptures are eerie and beautiful. I love how the sculptures are incredibly detailed.
i am in awe.
although they have very passe/overdone themes to them, they're very intricate & nicely done. great find!