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oh bjork

lunarius in the_aleotory

i just ordered the first issue of Coilhouse Magazine

art, design, fashion, goth culture, fetish, fantasy, cyber/steam punk, etc etc etc?


it grew out of a blog by Zoetica Ebb, Meredith Yayanos and Nadia Lev, which covers things of EXACTLY the kind of aesthetic this community is about. i'm half-tempted to just tell you all to get the RSS feed to Coilhouse, and not bother with everything else...

but that would be silly.

regardless, you should check it out.
i'm super-excited to get my issue in the mail, and really look forward to more.


I know Meredith as the new wonderful violin for Faun Fables! I've caught that band of merry wanderers the two times they've come to our hole of Tucson. thank you guys for this wonderful magazine! lunarius and I are supremely excited for it, as it definitely appeals directly to our tastes!