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Nov. 8th, 2007


(no subject)

i was lucky enough to travel pretty intensely this summer, spending as much as time as possible in various galleries and museums (the most memorable being the Venice Biennale and the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art.) i have just gotten around to looking at my notes from all of those amazing visits, and thought i would share something that really stuck out in my memory:

Almagul Menlibayeva

Menlivayeva is a video installation artist from Almatay, Kazakhstan who explores something called "Romantic Punk Shamanism," mixing elements of the her own cultural traditions, muslim spiritualism, contemporary punk culture, and the power and mysticism of female identity. i found Menlibayeva's installation in the Kiasma in Helsinki as part of an exhibition called "Time of the Storytellers", and was totally blown away. projected on two giant screens in a totally white room, images of naked women buried waist-deep in snow spinning faster and faster, chanting songs and raising their hands to the sky...rituals involving fire, gold, and earth...women floating in the water with their hair flowing...sheep's heads, blood, horns, and snow...

beautiful, personal, wild imagery that was powerfully traditional, yet seemed very, very contemporary (and punk and feminist, in a true, raw, innate completely non-western type of way.) unfortunately, i was unable to find any of her actual videos online, but the images above are stills from them, and give you some idea of what her work is about.

Mar. 22nd, 2007


Adam Cooper-Terán

Psychogeographic LandscapesCollapse )

Feb. 25th, 2007


Sachiko Kodama - Morpho Tower

I had seen an image of a ferrofluid on wikipedia's front page. They're basically just magnet solutions... only a solution of nanomagnets essentially (each particle must have both poles). However they exhibit some unbelievably strange behavior, as in turning into a porcupine sculpture whenever a magnet comes near them. So I did a youtube search to see it in action, and found that a japanese artist has created a dynamic sculpture built out of ferrofluid!

youtube video hidden so embeds will work, I hopeCollapse )

Jan. 29th, 2007


(no subject)

stone coushions by the french company SmarinDesign:

"A high quality surrealistic set
practical as floor coushions.

Oversized pebbles
a resting area with various sizes and shapes that
can be arranged according to your mood,
for contemporary interiors."

livingstones...Collapse )

Jan. 1st, 2007


Sam Gibbons/ Nick and Sheila Pye/ Chelsea Art Museum

A couple days before my family and I took to the traditional new year's voyage to the abode of Michael Whelan's (a good family friend of pretty much since I was born), I spent a bit of time with the 'rents in my aunt's flat in Brooklyn. being that my parents are awesome, it seems, we took this as an opportunity to have lunch in the Empire Diner (one of Tom Waits' old hangouts) and go gallery-hopping in Chelsea, an uber-artsy section of Manhattan. I was fortunately highly impressed with the stuff there, despite many of the galleries being closed for the holidays. Here's a synopsis of some of the stuff I found.

Sam Gibbons:

Holy crap this guy's stuff was gorgeous. I love work like this in symmetry. Like art-graffiti reworkings of 1930s cartoons refracted to total acid art explosions, akin to Louis Wain's feline godheads.

Nick & Sheila Pye:

What is cuter than an artist couple? An artist couple that goes into ancient rotted houses to commit a variety of bizarre acts of artsy love. Caught this one in the back of Rare Gallery, which had something interesting in the front which has nonesuch about it online really. Not as good anyways. Playing alongside gorgeous prints of their photography was the film "A Life of Errors" (see clip on their film page).

Also quite enjoyed was the Chelsea Art Museum, a 3-floor mini-contemporary art palace run by the foundation of some ridiculously pretentious abstract expressionist named Miotte. There were two exhibitions that quite caught my... uhh ... guts? I guess.

The first was their first floor exhibit, part of a selection of new art from Taiwan, was an excellent interactive piece called Babylove, in which you would ride in a set of tea cups, with a giant plastic baby, which plays scrambled and reversed remixes of pop songs people had uploaded to the babylove website (see below). When the bumper-tea cups run into one another, they add and further scramble the music they're playing into the next cup. Needless to say it was quite enjoyable to do:

Somewhere near this there was an absolutely amazing video by a guy whose name unfortunately escapes me. Nothing on him on the museum site, either. But he performed wonderful things, such as running around Taipei imitating plants (yes!), riding office chairs down hilly roads, bowling with pigeons, and changing clothes on the spot to match his surroundings.

The top floor exhibit, which, as it is a museum exhibition, has almost nil online presence, had the wondrous theme of FOOD. Excellent pieces include the one below (Pink Freud.) and a grand photograph of a Victorian feast, at which all the attendees are wearing one of those cones put on dogs to keep them from licking wounds:

Hope everybody has a terrific new year!

Dec. 28th, 2006


(no subject)

Marionettes by Scott RadkeCollapse )

Nov. 23rd, 2006


(no subject)

here's an awesome bit of animation done by Run Wrake, that was featured at the Ottowa Animation Festival a couple of months ago. its won a bunch of awards, and rightfully so. don't be mislead by the simplicity of the animation style or the innocence of the still below.


to continue the animation theme, here's a stop-motion music video done by Kristofer Strom for the swedish band Minilogue. its all dry-erase marker on white-board...pretty cool stuff.

ok that is all, enjoy.

Oct. 24th, 2006




Walton Ford + Ernst HaeckelCollapse )

Oct. 5th, 2006


(no subject)

in connection to a current illustration project, i have been doing a lot of searching for images of butoh dancers, and in the process found this: Djalma Primordrial Science.

...Collapse )

a combination of improvisational electro-acoustic music and experimental movement theater, the group seeks a "...restoration of the primordial physical body and exploration of its limits, the transmutation of the elements through unstable sound and volatile movement, a precarious position, an awkwardly silent situation. We reject the notion of “performance” in favor of “encounter.” Our work is an unmasking of actor and audience alike."

you may find some videos of performances here.

i hope you take the time to look at their work - they are absolutely beautiful.

Sep. 29th, 2006



A generally mellifluous cauliflower of an art movement. makes much reference to various absurdities of the past, whilst proposing new absurdities for the future:

wikipedia entry with all sorts of excessive intellectualizations.

they would too have a website at www.defastenism.4t.com , but it seems to be down for angering the art gods or something.

found this in the most ridiculously (and appropriately) absurd way, by accidentally google searching for a folder on a macintosh, seeing that the 2nd entry was a very angry and disappointing blog about how art is counter-anarchist, which makes reference to this lovely gathering of silly dubliners. And proceeds to call them a bunch of bohemian jerkoffs. oh I'm sure you're world without technology and art is so much better, mr. ted kaczynski. man do I hate primitivism.

Anyways, this movement posits some positively wonderful ideas, their manifesto:

"THE DEFASTENIST MANIFESTO STATES: We The Defastenist artists and other creative practitioners are making art about the only things we know to be truely original.WHICH ARE: The fetishes, obsessions and eccentricities which define our creative personalities. By giving form to these internal obsessions , we create a truly original art (As no two humans brains work identically. The Defastenists see the current cultural aparatus as being obsolete. the museums, the pretentious commercial galleries, the academies, the bourgeois critics and the dull minded curators: These are the cultural paralsys of the end of the last century. This is the start of a new century, a time when excitement and vitality and bohemian fun are nessisary to shape the aesthetic of the epoch. Defastenist artists, curators, periodicles, expositions, cabarets and enthusiasm shall be the light that revives excitment and energy to art and life."

they also hold this absolutely perfect tenet which I believe should apply to all art and is awesome awesome and totally merits the capital letters Defastenists write everything in:


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