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for aleatoric minds, naturally
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this is a forum for the discussion and display of curious findings and original ideas.
the intent is to provide a focused space in which we can share the work of others that 
we find interesting and intriguing, without having to confine it to a particular label,
time-period, academic discipline, etc.

please take a moment to look over the interests listed below, and some of the previous 
posts, as these will give you the best idea of what this community is about. if you would
like to join, here are a couple of Things to keep in mind:

1. please put thought into your posts. 

2. this is not about self-promotion. there are plenty of other 
communities out there that will offer you feedback on your work. 

3. this may get a little image-heavy.

if you have any questions, remarks, complaints, or witty commentary, kindly 
address them to your moderators:
lunarius and luminous_insect

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